Just the two of you


Your story is yours. You want to focus on each other, with no distractions. We’ll help you plan the perfect elopement that feels like you and your love. It will be a story you’ll be telling for years to come. 

From start to finish, here’s just a bit of what’s included in our Elopements: 

  • Finding and scouting the perfect location anywhere in the world for your elopement

  • Finding and securing the perfect lodging (maybe a cozy airbnb in the mountains or a warm adobe home in the desert)

  • Design of your bouquet, boutonniere, ceremony installation, table arrangement and/or more 

  • Design of ceremony backdrop, if desired

  • Design and styling of intimate tablescape

  • Arrangement of catering, dessert, alcohol and/or groceries for elopement day or weekend 

  • Vetting and booking of photographer and/or videographer 

  • Officiating of your elopement

  • Arrangement of music, if desired

  • Vetting and booking of hair and makeup services, if desired

  • Arranging transportation in your elopement location

  • Acquiring any permits or licenses needed in your elopement location

  • Assisting throughout elopement day or weekend, ensuring that you are relaxed and fully present with your love

  • Setup and cleanup for entire elopement day or weekend

  • Unlimited communication with us

  • And so much more

Read more about Our Process here. Your story is wildly unique, that’s why we don’t do standard packages. We create packages that are specifically designed for you.