Win the elopement of your dreams.

Yes, you heard right. We're giving away an elopement to one deserving couple! We hope to bless a couple who's ready to be married, but may not have the money or time to do so. Everything will be planned, organized, designed and implemented for you, by us. No need to stress. Just show up and we'll do the rest.

So what's included?

  • Everything will take place near Springfield, MO on a gorgeous piece of land north of town. Picture a mid-century home surrounded by lush meadows, a bubbling river, a lake surrounded by Bald Cypresses (plus canoes if you'd like to go for a little ride) and so much more. Basically a woodland paradise.

  • Your choice between the following three dates: October 19, November 1 or November 4, 2018.

  • Ceremony design, styling and coordination

  • A bouquet and boutonniere

  • Hair and makeup

  • Elopement announcement design

  • Photography by Inner Images Photography

  • Video by Statler Visual

  • An intimate meal after your ceremony

  • You may invite 2-4 guests to attend

  • One night stay in a cozy Airbnb to kick off your honeymoon!

So what's NOT included?

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Feeling obligated to invite everyone you've ever known

  • Blowing a ton of money

How will the elopement be designed? Is there a theme?

We're curating an earthy and free-spirited elopement inspired by autumn, the mid-century home where the elopement will be held and its magical property. Your elopement will be unique and timeless. Gorgeous and simple. Adventurous and easy. Check out the moodboard below to get an idea of the color palette, venue and design. 

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Apply now.

Please complete and submit this application if you'd like to be considered for the elopement giveaway. The application will only take 7-15 minutes to complete. Deadline to apply is September 17, 2018. 

Your Name *
Your Name
Your Love's Name *
Your Love's Name
Examples include: Adventure, going on long walks, sarcasm, affection, a clean house, supporting your coffee addiction, cats, etc.
Examples include a special element in your ceremony, specific music, custom cocktail, etc.
Disclaimer: We cannot control the weather!
If you don't have anything in mind, we'd be more than happy to assist you in finding your attire.
If you don't have anyone in mind, we'd be more than happy to assist you in finding your officiant.
We know that you may have a couple loved ones that you'd like to witness your marriage or you may just want to keep it to the two of you. Let us know your situation so that we can create the best experience for you!
The elopement will be held in Greene County, MO.
Disclaimer *
By submitting this application I verify that all the information is true and correct, and I understand that I am not guaranteed to win the elopement giveaway. If I win, I understand I am responsible for covering the cost of traveling to the elopement location, attire for the elopement, and accommodations and food outside of the elopement evening. I release the rights to all photos and videography to contributing vendors. All vendors are not responsible for injury. I release control over any and all services provided to me, if I were to win. I will have the best day of my life!
elopement giveaway, elopement planner, destination wedding giveaway