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Wildly Collective is a full-service design, styling and planning company based in the Midwest, specifically Missouri. But trust us, we're ready to hop on a plane anytime to make your event come to life. 

We approach weddings and events in a timeless way by bridging the gap between traditional weddings and elopements. We masterfully blend the intimacy of elopements with the design and celebration of traditional weddings to create events that are deeply authentic, unique and adventurous, those that are truer to you than ever before.

We know that each and every story is wildly unique. We want get to know your story and create an experience around that. We want to discover who you are, how you fell in love and where you dream of going. We want to take all the stress off your shoulders and help you fully enjoy this special season of your life. We want to go on a major adventure with you and have a blast while we’re at it! We’re not interested in impressing others or putting on a show, we’re interested in what makes you, YOU. 

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Stevie Rozean

Owner + Creative Coordinator

I'm Stevie; the travel-obsessed, margarita-drinking, art-loving dreamer and doer behind Wildly Collective.

Wildly is the culmination of my deepest passions and dreams. When my hubs and I were planning our wedding we couldn’t find businesses in the Midwest that were offering the specific services we were wanting and, honestly, we didn’t even know if they existed! We wanted someone who would take our wedding and make it super intimate, design it in a way that felt like us and also help us enjoy the special season we were in. We wanted our guests to feel like they walked into an event that was created with intention and care, that every little detail mattered. Since I didn’t know of any businesses that did this, I took matters into my own hands. I designed our entire wedding on my own (and with lots of help from my mom), and it ended up being the most special and intimate day of our lives. Though Wildly wasn't born till a couple years later, I think that's when it was conceived!

When I'm not designing, styling or coordinating, you can find me cuddling my husband, painting, binge-watching Friends, walking at my favorite park or researching cheap flights to Iceland. 

Wedding Coordinator Springfield MO

Celia Duncan 

Lead Coordinator

Celia is a wedding planner on a mission. Determined to partner with couples in cultivating joy-filled and lasting marriages, Celia lifts the logistical load of wedding planning so you can focus on your relationship and community. Countless couples are encouraged by her genuine joy and refreshing perspective that relationships matter most. Skilled at curating a relaxed and loving wedding day, Celia helps couples enjoy their day, connect with each other, and spread a little light and love to the entire vendor team supporting you on your day. 

Celia will show you how truly loved and supported you are, that your preferences really do matter and that kindness is always the answer. 

You can find Celia practicing yoga at a local studio, cuddling her sweet husband and girls (Aspen the pup and Roosevelt the kitty), and traveling the world whenever possible.  She manages her business, Unions with Celia, and partners with Wildly Collective as much as possible. 


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