It's a Mood: The Adventurous Couple | Wedding inspiration for adventurous weddings + elopements

Inspiration for the couple who would rather be hiking a mountain than going to the movies, loves a little dirt between their toes, is always searching for a new place to travel to and can’t help but pick wildflowers on the side of the road.

We’re so excited to kick off our It’s a Mood Series with The Adventurous Couple! (Check out our other It’s a Mood blogs here: The Modern Couple, The Boho Couple, The Badass Couple)We’ve curated a list of design inspiration for The Adventurous Couple— from the items they may wear on their day to the place they’ll tie the knot, from the color palette they may use to the items they may decorate with.

If you’re the ultimate adventurer— use this as your guide. Get inspired and create a day that is unique to your love! Scroll down to find specific ideas and links to our favorite items.

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How it’s gonna feel

The Adventurous Couple are true nomads at heart, yet have found a forever home in each other. They share a passion for intoxicating views and would spend their special day no other way than breathing in fresh mountain (or desert) air and feeling the flow of the wind around them. One partner may be wearing an organic, flowy dress with lots of natural details. Their accessories embody their heart: with hiking boots, a backpack full of flowers and their trusty hiking hat. The other partner may be in a breathable natural toned suit and brown leather boots. They’ll help one another along the way as they hike to the perfect overlook to say yes to being forever adventure partners.

The Adventurous couple may even ask all their friends and family to meet them at a glamping spot in the middle of nowhere for a weekend of celebrating. They’d spend it going on hikes, getting massages, building bonfires to roast smores over, drinking their favorite beer and laughing till their bellies hurt— all with their best of friends and family.

Where to have your adventurous wedding or elopement:

This world is wild and huge, and there’s no telling where The Adventurous Couple may find a place to get married. Here are some ideas that may spark something in you:

  • THESE glamping tents at Under Canvas in Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Tucson, Great Smoky Mountains, Moab, Zion, Glacier & Mount Rushmore

  • THIS modern summer camp for adults in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

  • Spelunk to tie the knot in your favorite cave

  • TAFT POINT in Yosemite National Park

  • THIS airbnb in Iceland

  • Rock climb to an isolated ledge to exchange vows

  • If you’re up for getting soaked, say your vows under a waterfall

  • THIS ranch in Vail, Colorado

  • Hop in a jeep and off-road till you find the perfect spot

  • Have a private ceremony in a hot air balloon

What to wear for your adventurous wedding or elopement:

Every couple is different, but typically The Adventurous Couple will wear pieces that they feel super comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than an experience being ruined by itchy clothes or shoes that aren’t quite meant for running around in the mountains in. Here are some clothing items you may see The Adventurous Couple wearing:

  • THIS flowy dress from Rue de Seine

  • THESE stylish and comfy hiking boots

  • THIS backpack to carry your bouquet and snacks

  • THESE easy head lamps

  • A couple of THESE hats from Goorin Bros

  • THIS breathable linen suit

Color palette for adventurous weddings, elopements and events by Wildly Collective

Color palette for adventurous weddings, elopements and events by Wildly Collective

What color palette to use for your adventurous wedding or elopement:

The color palette for your adventurous wedding or elopement may reflect the landscape of the place in which you’re tying the knot. Take a look at the types of foliage, plants and terrain that exist in the location you are choosing. Use colors from the location to build the color palette for your florals, stationery, tablescape, ceremony backdrop and other design items. Here are some color palettes you may see from The Adventurous Couple:

  • Dark neutrals, white, cream + variations of green

  • Blush, mauve + mustard

  • Oranges, yellows, pops of pink + amber

  • Greens, blues + nuetrals

What design items to use in your adventurous wedding or elopement:

The design items for your adventurous wedding or elopement will vary depending on where you tie the knot, what you’re able to bring yourself and what vendors you have access to. The Adventurous Couple may prefer quality over quantity and have a desire to be environmentally-friendly. Here are some tips for sourcing your design items:

  • For florals: Pick wildlflowers in the wedding or elopement location, hire a travelling florist, ship wholesale flowers to your location or bring DRIED FLORALS for your adventurous wedding or elopement bouquet

  • For stationery: Send a PAPERLESS POST announcing your elopement or inviting your people to your adventurous wedding or elopement

  • For tablescape & rental items: Go to flea markets and antique stores to find decor items like plates, glasses, candlestick holders and silverware. Google “Event Rentals in [insert wedding or elopement location]” to find vendors in your wedding or elopement location that can provide the design items you want.

  • You’re getting married in a naturally beautiful place, so make sure to ask yourself as you’re picking out design items: What design items should we decorate with that won't take away from the natural beauty around us?

  • If you’re hiking to your elopement spot, strap THIS lightweight folding table to your back for your intimate meal after you say your vows. Deck it out in a linen tablecloth, pretty dishes and some flowers.

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