It's a Mood: The Badass Couple | Wedding inspiration for badass weddings + elopements.

Inspiration for the couple who would rather get matching tattoos than diamond rings, is frequently found on long motorcycle rides, relates to a Sandy and Danny, Grease Lighting kind-of-love, and is always down for a game of pool at their favorite dive.

We’re so excited to continue our It’s a Mood Series with The Badass Couple! (Check out our other It’s a Mood blogs here: The Modern Couple, The Adventurous Couple, The Boho Couple)We’ve curated a list of design inspiration for The Badass Couple— from the items they may wear on their day to the place they’ll tie the knot, from the color palette they may use to the items they may decorate with.

If you’re the ultimate badass— use this as your guide. Get inspired and create a day that is unique to your love! Scroll down to find specific ideas and links to our favorite items.

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Collage by:  Vivien Smith  Photos by:  Joanna Bongard

Collage by: Vivien Smith Photos by: Joanna Bongard

How it’s gonna feel

The Badass Couple isn’t afraid to do something daring and edgy— in life and on their wedding day— because that is exactly what embodies their relationship. This couple will opt for a striking style on their special day, something out of the status quo, something that pushes the envelope. You’ll see one partner wearing attire with lots of fun details like sleeves made completely out of fringe or a colored dress instead of a white one. A leather jacket, a modern hat and their trusted leather boots top off their badass aesthetic. The other partner may throw on their worn leather pants, denim jacket covered in patches and their favorite pair of sunglasses.

The Badass Couple may ask their people to throw some things into a satchel and head to New Orleans with them for a weekend of dancing, drinks and dives. They’ll hop onto their bike and ride to their favorite tattoo parlor to tie the knot with matching ring finger tattoos— their loved ones cheering them on. They’ll spend the rest of the weekend celebrating on Bourbon Street— hunting ghosts on a phantom tour of the French Quarter, meandering through the Mardi Gras float museum and finding quirky art and souvenirs for their home in the voodoo shops of Jackson Square.

Where to have your badass wedding or elopement:

There are so many colorful cities for The Badass Couple to have a reckless kind of love story in. Here are some ideas that may spark something in you:

  • Head to Vegas to elope in THIS colorful casino

  • Jump on your motorcycle and exchange vows in the middle of the desert

  • Have an intimate wedding in your favorite downtown pub

  • Have a secret ceremony in your favorite art museum like THIS one in Detroit, MI

  • Tie the knot in front of a graffitied wall in your favorite city

  • Go to New Orleans and elope surrounded by colorful floats in the Mardi Gras museum

  • Get married in your favorite tattoo parlor and get ring finger tattoos instead of rings

  • Celebrate your love at The Voodoo Music Festival in NOLA alongside sugar skulls and spooky graveyards

What to wear for your badass wedding or elopement:

Every couple is different, but typically The Badass Couple will wear pieces that are daring and edgy, with just a pinch of modern. Here are some clothing items you may see The Badass Couple wearing:

  • THIS Leather jacket from Lucky Brand or Custom painted jackets like THIS by Saint Mae

bright and moody color palette for badass wedding or elopement

What color palette to use for your badass wedding or elopement:

The color palette for your badass wedding or elopement will be just a bold and daring as your love for each other. You may choose colors that no-one has ever seen in a wedding before, but that is exactly how you want your wedding to feel; like no one else’s! Here are some color palettes you may see from The Badass Couple:

  • Blush, Hot Pink, Rust + Mauve

  • Silver, Black + Copper

  • All White

  • All Black

  • Nuetrals, Denim and pops of a single BOLD color

What design items to use in your badass wedding or elopement:

The design items for your badass wedding or elopement will vary depending on where you tie the knot and the vibe of the venue. The Badass Couple may prefer alternative design elements - typically the design items will be really bold and dynamic. Here are some tips for sourcing your design items:

  • For florals: The edgier the better. Try using flowers with striking color and foliage that has interesting shapes— not normally seen in wedding bouquets. Use dark ribbon around the bouquet and boutonniere.

  • For stationery: Consider using acrylic or wood rather than traditional paper to create a really striking design. Use geodes as namecards. Gold and black ink to put the alternative cherry-on-top.

  • For tablescape & rental items: Find rental companies in your area that have an eye for alternative decor items. Black flatware, dark tinted goblets and deep-colored velvet or leather furniture— just to name a few.

  • Add intentional + fun details to your day that show off who you are as a couple. You could have your guests sign an old record as your guest book, or have custom made temporary tattoos to give all your guests a night of living on the edge. Rent vintage arcade games for you and your guests to enjoy during your reception.

  • Choose a wedding date that encompasses the badass aesthetics of your wedding: Cinco de Mayo, Halloween or Friday the Thirteenth.

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