It's a Mood: The Modern Couple | Wedding inspiration for modern weddings + elopements

Inspiration for the couple who is often found exploring downtown, is always prepared for a black-tie event, watches Great Gatsby on repeat and isn’t afraid of a little indulgence.

We’re having so much fun with our It’s a Mood series, so without further ado: The Modern Couple. If you have been wondering how to plan, design, and style your perfect modern wedding, you’re gonna want to stick around for this.

Where should we have our modern wedding or elopement? What clothing items should we wear? What color palette should we use? What design items should we decorate with?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to find specific ideas and links to our favorite items.

The modern couple is truly classic, in the absolute best sense of the word. This is a couple who takes a minimalistic approach to all the beloved traditional aspects of a wedding. They are very conscious of what details will make their day timeless and they gravitate toward those modern elements, while keeping their desires as a couple the focus throughout the planning process.

This couple may have an intimate ceremony on the rooftop of an urban downtown area with the sun setting in the distance. One partner may walk down the aisle in a very sleek, sophisticated gown that still appears soft and feminine. The other partner may be in a classic black suit, standing with the city views behind them. After going on an amazing honeymoon to their favorite city, they will come back and throw a huge party in a modern venue that Gatsby himself would be in awe of.

Collage by Vivien Smith | Photographs by:  Averie Claire ,  Carmen and Ingo

Collage by Vivien Smith | Photographs by: Averie Claire, Carmen and Ingo

The Modern Couple may even invite all of their loved ones for a glamorous weekend away in New York City for a celebration full of lots of laughs and just enough indulgence. They’d spend time enjoying wine tastings, indulging in 5 course meals, strolling the streets admiring the fast paced city around them and exploring the local bar scene - laughing over a few pints with all the people most precious to them.

Where to have your modern wedding or elopement:

This world is full of stunning architecture and bustling cities just waiting for The Modern Couple to explore and begin their timeless love story. Here’s some inspiration that may spark something in you:

  • Simple, minimalistic venues like THIS LUXURY RESORT in Canyon Point, UT

  • Traditional modern churches with impressive architecture THIS one in Oakland, CA

  • Urban venues with city views

  • Contemporary space with white finishes and a lot of natural lighting THIS stunning space in Oregon

  • GREEN HOUSE TWO RIVERS in Springfield, MO

  • Rooftop wedding

  • Industrial loft with tons of windows like THIS ONE

What to wear for your modern wedding or elopement:

Every couple is different, but typically The Modern Couple will wear pieces that they feel elegant, sophisticated and confident in. There’s no better occasion than your wedding day to be show-stopping and timeless. Here are some clothing items you may see The Modern Couple wearing:

  • Modern, sleek and simple wedding gowns like THIS from Justin Alexander or THIS from BHLDN

  • Classic black tuxes like THIS or THIS

  • Unique veils like THIS accordion style

  • Jumpsuits like THIS from BHLDN

  • Modern metal earrings like THESE or THESE from Etsy

  • Star headpiece like THIS from Etsy

  • Dramatic black pumps like THESE from Casadei

What color palette to use for your modern wedding or elopement:

The color palette for your modern wedding or elopement should be timeless; colors that are classic and never go out of style. There are tons of beautiful wedding trends, but the modern couple will opt for something that will withstand the test of time and remain stunning for the next 100 years. Neutral tones, classic whites and sleek blacks create the perfect foundation to build a striking color palette that will make all your guests swoon. Here are some color palettes you may see from The Modern Couple:

  • Neutrals, whites + greens

  • Black, white + natural wood tones

  • White, gold + light neutrals

  • Hints of very muted natural tones like blush, mauve, mustard, rust, pale yellows + cream

modern wedding color palette. minimal nuetrals

What design items to use in your modern wedding or elopement:

The design items for your modern wedding or elopement will vary depending on your taste, the culture of the city around you, and the vibe of the venue you’re tying the knot in. The Modern Couple may prefer minimalism - appreciating the tastefulness of each and every piece they choose for their special day. After all, the beauty is in the classic details. Here are some tips for sourcing your design items:

  • For florals: Simple and elegant bouquets and installations are the perfect touch at a modern wedding. Consider using only one type of flower and a subtle hint of one accent. Consider using a monochromatic color palette for florals throughout the wedding.

  • For stationery: Consider using black or a blend of nuetrals for the paper. Focus on typography that makes a statement all on it’s own. Announce your wedding or elopement through a clean and simple calligraphy script.

  • For tablescape + rental items: Minimalism is key for an on-point modern wedding; focus on quality over quantity. A few really stunning details can pull the whole design together, without looking overdone or tacky. Find a rental company in the area that has a selection of mid-century modern furniture and decor. For your tables, use black dinner plates and flatware for a simple, yet dramatic touch.

  • A statement backdrop like THIS from our The Modern Couple Pinterest board is the perfect touch to an epic modern reception.

  • Your wedding venue is naturally going to be modern and minimal, so make sure to ask yourself as you’re picking out design items: What design items should we decorate with that will enhance the venue, not take away from it?

Check out more Modern Couple Inspo on our Pinterest board!

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Lacey March